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Stamped Concrete - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

Dec 10

Stamped Concrete - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

At Port St. Lucie Concrete Contractors, our concrete experts know better in comparison to any other contractor operating in the Port St. Lucie, Florida region - of that we're certain. While most of the structures created by us consist of concrete in plain form while others are created by the application that of stamping. Stamped concrete is widespread in both private and public spaces, though you may not have noticed it they do a superb job of imitating various styles and materials. Concrete stamping can be used in a variety and installations, and there is a myriad of reasons why one might want to look with this option. If you're considering a brand new outdoor patio, driveway, walkway or something else then we're glad to talk with you about the possibility of creating it with stamped concrete.


The definition of Stamped concrete.

Concrete is a popular construction material, mainly due to its practical properties and its cost-effectiveness - and some people feel that it can be a bit boring to look at. That's of course not really accurate - as stamped concrete can provide a wide range of looks and styles. So, what is the definition of stamped concrete and what is the difference from regular concrete? In simple terms, it is where concrete is stamped, embossed, or patterned with other colors. This gives it completely different appearance and can even create a realistic imitation of other materials.


What is the process by which Stamped Concrete Created?

For our concrete contractor teams, the process of making stamped concrete constructions is straightforward - having been working in the field for a considerable amount of time. The process is as follows We begin by pouring the concrete, prior to the primary color being added. After this is completed then we apply the color release agent and lay the texturizing mats (this is what gives concrete its design). After the mixture is dried The color release agent is removed and a sealing agent of some type will be applied to the surface. If you'd like to add additional colors or an accent color, that can be an addition to the process. It may sound like exhausting, but it's not a major issue for our team. The surface can be used for foot traffic after approximately 48 hours.

Classic Qualities

As you'd imagine, you receive all the traditional qualities you typically get when using concrete when you decide to utilize stamped concrete. This is among the reasons it's becoming more and more popular choice for property owners across the country . You are able to choose from a diverse variety of styles that are visually appealing, and the amazing durability and strength of concrete. Since it's also going to cost much less to make stamped concrete compared to some of the materials you might wish to replicate, that's an additional reason for you to consider it.

Material Possibilities

Stamped concrete is everywhere the place, but it's likely you may not be aware that you've seen it. It does an excellent job in capturing the look and feel of brickwork, paving stones along with a wide range of other designs and materials. It can be laid in a broad range of colors and designs - the only limitation is your imagination.


What are the Different Stamped Concrete Designs?


One of the significant characteristics the modern concrete, also known as decorative or decorative concrete It can mirror some of the higher-priced types made of flatwork such as natural stone, brick and tiles. This is a great material for those who you want an edgier and more distinctive look for your concrete surfaces. By selecting stamped concrete, you'll get a wide range of patterns, colors, and the textures. We offer a selection of patterns and colors that look natural and authentic. They are able to easily blend with any existing material such as ceramic tiles and natural stones as well as the pattern concrete.


Our company has two sets of patterns to pick from. One of them is stamp concrete flooring patterns, and twodecorative vertical concrete choices.


Models stamped on concrete for floors


Stamped concrete floors are very popular with our customers. Customers can choose from a variety of concrete patterns, depending on their requirements or personal preferences. We are proud of our selections as they imitate the beauty and beauty of natural stone, wood plank, tile, and brick. Because it's made of concrete, it's easy to maintain as well.


We provide floor plans listed below. They are excellent options in patios, walkways driveways, decks for pools, as well as for interiors.

  • Ashlar Slate
  • Brick
  • Compass Design
  • Cut Cobblestone
  • Flagstone
  • Gecko, Sea Turtle as well as Kokopeli
  • Roman Texture Slate
  • Wood Plank


Stamped Concrete Vertical Options


Vertical stamping is also growing in popularity. It adds a unique look and feel of any property. It's a unique feature that will make your home appear more expensive. Vertical overlays with decorative highlights are commonplace in fireplaces patios, family spaces, kitchens, basements and more.


If you're looking for a unique concrete look for your house We have a range of designs to choose from. This includes:

  • English Cobblestone
  • European Fan
  • Carved by hand. Carved Castle Rock
  • Hand-Scored Limestone
  • Stone Carved by Hand
  • Mountain Drystack
  • Orchard Stone
  •   Random Sandstone

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