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How to Make a Trinket Dish

Dec 29

It is easy to make a trinket bowl with clay.

Gather your supplies. A small bowl, cup or cup of red clay, water and an oven are required.

Next, take the clay from its package and tear off a little bit. Make a ball of it and press it down on the bottom. Use your fingers to smoothen the mixture and ensure there is room in the center for the dish.

Next, wet the clay edges around the top of your cup or bowl with the spoon. As the clay sticks to the surface of the bowl or cup, you can pull the sides up.

As you work your way around the clay, smoothen it with your fingers. Next, smoothen any areas that seem to have too much clay. Make sure the entire dish is pressed together to ensure it doesn't crumble.

Bake the dish for approximately 30 minutes at 275°F or until it is completely dry. Let the dish cool completely before serving with food.

Now, you can display your new creation on a desk or coffee table.

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