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Have you experienced storm damage to your home's roof? It is repairable by roofing contractors for residential roofs

Dec 6

Storm damage is just one of the many damages that can be found on your roof. The effects of storms can be devastating to your roof, even the fact that it's built to withstand all weather conditions. Residential roofing contractors such as Roofing Made Simple Constructor of Indianapolis can assist homeowners with storm damage as well as storm repair. You may sustain storm damage to your roof as a result of an event. We have the experience and expertise to bring your roof back to its original glory, and in this post, we will tell you how exactly we can help in repairing it.

How can our Residential Roofing Company Help with Storm Damage?

The roof must be inspected at the earliest opportunity after a hurricane passes through your neighborhood. Self-inspection is the first step in repairing the roof of your home, and the sooner you detect the damage, the earlier you'll be able to call our roofing company for residential repairs. Examine for leaks within the interior of your house, specifically in the attic. Additionally, check for broken or damaged roofing shingles. If you happen to detect indications of damage from the storm then the next step is to get in touch with us and call us to schedule an inspection. Once our expert team arrives at your home for an assessment of the damage from the storm, expect the following steps from our team:


Our technicians will take a closer review of the damage your roof has sustained and identify the areas that have been damaged. Our team will examine your roof for debris as well as damaged shingles. This could cause injuries.

Repair estimates:

After our team has examined the storm damage and has looked over all the internal and external parts of your roof, our team will provide you with an estimate for the repairs. This is a step to prepare to finance roof repairs. It could be necessary to replace one or two tiles or even the entire roof based on the amount of damage. It is best to work with a roofing company that gives you a free estimate of repairs to your roof like us since you wouldn't want to spend a penny to obtain an estimate of the cost total for repairs.

Repair or replacement of the roof:

Once you've received an estimate for the repair of storm damage and have completed the required forms, our staff will start. As mentioned above, depending upon the extent of damage, you might be able to live with a repair. However, you may have to get the roof replaced if the damage cannot be repaired.

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